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Do It Yourself! This easy installation Solar Panel Kits are designed to provide energy constantly for your home. Also this Solar Panels Kits help to reduce partially electricity bills, energized not only homes even RV, Caravans and Food Trucks. 

It's specially designed for beginners. This kind of systems usually are sub estimated but are capable to power the most common appliances like refrigerator, TV, coffe machines, fans, computers, and more. Is recommended that the user check how are the house loads because this systems are intended to use in small and medium loads energy needs. Perfect as a backup systems in blackouts. 

Now Available e-Bikes

As part of our compromise offering to our customers new renewable energy technologies we present Addmotor Electric Bikes. Is the best way of green locomotion to fun and for daily use.

Addmotor specializes in selling fat tire electric bikes for over 10 years, with complete styles and reliable quality.


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