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What are the Advantages of Inverter Generators?

Inverter Generators

Inverter electric generators are considered the generators with the highest quality output voltage. What does this mean? That the output voltage is totally pure and there is no distortion in its voltage output, so your electrical appliances will always be fully protected.

At we are specialized in the sale of inverter electric generators and we have more than 4 years of experience in their distribution on the internet. We know how difficult it is sometimes to make the decision about which inverter generator to buy, for this reason we have prepared a range that covers all the needs of the market.

In general, we can consider that this type of generator meets three basic characteristics:

  • Voltage modulation carried out by means of an electronic board, which achieves a stability in the voltage with variations of less than 1% of the nominal voltage (comparable to the conventional electrical network).
  • The engine speed is adapted to the requested demand so that its energy consumption when it is not being used is reduced to a minimum.
  • The noise level is lower than the average of the other generators.

They are lighter and more compact machines than conventional generators, which makes them the optimal generators to use on a campsite, outdoors ...

So that you better understand what an inverter generator is, we give you a simple example:

A NON-INVERTER generator is like a water hose in which the water pressure varies with consumption. An INVERTER generator is like installing a reservoir between that hose and the consumer. Whether more or less pressure arrives, the tank would act as a stabilizing filter and at the exit we would always obtain the same pressure, whether there is more or less amount of consumption.

The inverter generator is much more efficient and preferable compared to the gasoline engine due to the following reasons:

Modern inverter generators have overcome the disadvantages of previous models of higher noise and maintenance costs.

They are now quiet and require less maintenance compared to similarly sized gas engines.

  • They are more resistant and reliable.
  • There are no sparks.
  • The absence of spark plugs or cables reduces maintenance costs.
  • Fuel cost per kilowatt produced is thirty to fifty percent lower than that of gas engines.

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